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Millions of Turks live in foreign countries such as Germany, England, the Netherlands, the USA and Sweden are looking for babysitters and / or people to work as housekeepers by communicating with companies such as Damla Agency, which provides caregivers and assistants to abroad. Turkish caregivers prefer by families who want their children to be raised according to the culture of their country. Families who constantly live abroad wants to find a caregiver who can work for a long time.

 Which Qualifications Are Sought In Caregivers Who Want To Work Abroad?

 Families living in foreign countries or -who will go for a period of time- try to connect with caregiver and helper candidates who do not have a visa problem. Those who are EU citizens or have visa and work permits from EU countries are especially preferred. Romanian and Bulgarian caregiver candidates are more advantageous in this case. It seems that the main reason for choosing Bulgarian caregivers is that most Bulgarian caregivers are educated and experienced and most of them speak foreign languages.

 How Long Will The Caregiver and Helpers Work Abroad?

 On the internet, you can see many advertisements such as "caregiver and assistant who has USA visa", "Cyprus babysitter", "3-months boarding assistant to Switzerland", and "baby sitter to Germany ". Families living abroad permanently prefer candidates who can work for a long time. Those who go to a foreign country for a certain period of time due to holidays, business trips or health reasons want to meet with candidates who will work for 3 -4 months or 6 months.

 Nurse Wanted

 Although there are more advertisements such as "looking for a babysitter to work abroad", there are also those who are looking for nursing candidates who can work abroad.

Families living with their family elders in a foreign country need a caregiver to take care of their elders with reduced physical strength and health problems. The gradual increase in the elderly population in European countries, especially in Germany, causes an increase in the families who is looking for an elderly caregivers in general.

 Points Needs To Be Specified When Advertising An Caregiver Who Will Work Abroad

 * Country and city where the caregiver will work

 * Age range, education level of the caregiver

 * On what days and hours she will work, when and how many day off she will take, whether she will stay in or stay out

 * Job description (Baby sitter, child minder and housekeeper, nurse, twin babysitter etc.)

* Basic features you are looking for (foreign language, experience, being equipped in a certain subject, etc.)

 What Those Seeking Caregivers Abroad Should Do?

You can contact with Damla Agency and post an advertisement containing information about your country and city of residence, job description, working hours, off days and wages. With our 22 years of experience, we can help you find the caregiver you are looking for in a short time.

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